JRH Advanced Gunsmithing

Nevada's Premier Gunsmith can handle all of your advanced gunsmithing needs. Located in the Carson City/Reno area, check our Photo Gallery to see what we can do for you!

I am back from Africa and available for calls and appointments.

Loaded 500 JRH ammunition from Buffalo Bore is now available online at www.buffalobore.com!

Many of JRH's customers use their handguns in the field. Whether for protection or as your primary firearm, JRH can deliver both reliability and beauty in the same package.

This is Jack on a South African Cape Buffalo hunt with his PH Peter Jordaan. Jack was using a Freedom Arms SA revolver chambered in 500 JRH loaded with 440 grain Buffalo Bore hardcasts moving at 1325FPS. Definitely not for the faint of heart!


Jack waited for his trophy to clear the rest of the herd before taking the shot. The distance was right at 40 paces. His buffalo is the one on the right.


This is Jack Huntington on 2009 Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo hunt. He was using a Chapuis double rifle in 9.3x74

This from the same 2009 Zimbabwe hunt and one picture Jack carries with him at all times.

A Zimbabwe Anti-poacher group getting ready to go into the field.